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Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
"I absolutely love the 15 Day Detox Program. Every time I have completed the 15 days, my family usually makes a comment about how good I look and how clear my complexion is. This is just a bonus, because I started using Total Cleansing to rid my body of toxins in a natural, safe way I must say, I notice a difference after the first day, so you can imagine how good I feel after 15 days! Thank you for all your help."
J Lemay from Kelowna BC
"The Total Cleansing 15 Day Detox Program is simply wonderful. It tastes great, is easy to take and works as promised. I have been taking this cleanse at least twice per year and am pleased every time. I have more energy and feel healthier, thank you La Belle Vie!"
R Nunnikhoven from Maple Ridge BC
"I have been using the Total Cleansing Detox program for about 2 years now. It has been life changing for me, I have troubles with my digestive system from working shift work as a nurse. After taking the Total Cleansing detox I was able to be regular, gain extra energy and feel really great about myself. It also takes care of water retention and helped lose a few pounds, and totally cleared my skin. I now take the Total Cleansing Detox every 6 months and feel absolutely great!! I have recommended it to my friends, co-workers and family!"
J Neels from Chilliwack BC
"I had always wanted to try a cleanse because I had heard of people getting such great results. My problem was I struggled with the strict diet many cleanses require you to stick to. At the women's show in Calgary there was a booth for La Belle Vie cleanse products. After having a lengthy discussion with the lady running it, I decided to give it a try. I liked the fact that you didn't have to alter your diet and that it was an all natural product. After the 15-days, I had never felt better! I didn't crave fatty, greasy foods anymore, my stomach didn't feel so bloated, and I just felt better overall. I recommend this product to everyone because I truly believe in it! I continue to do the cleanse on a regular basis with the same results!"
L Dunn from Calgary AB
"I've used Total Cleansing for 2 years straight now and I can honestly say this is my holy grail. This product balances out my diet and I'm able to maintain my desired weight. I don't think I could live without this product. I would recommend this product to everyone who's looking to have a steady and well balanced diet and especially to those who don't get enough nutrients in their diet."
Q Do from Burnaby BC

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